March 8, 2017


Chosen is a program published by Ascension Press, which capitalizes on the interactive approach we offer at our Life Nights and blends it together with exceptional Catechesis from some of the nation’s top youth speakers. There are three texts that students will receive in Confirmation I – a student book accompanied by parent and sponsor guides. The sponsor guide will be distributed to the students at the end of their Confirmation I year.


Confirmation I

The student must be in 10th or 11th grade and registered for classes at this parish or Catholic high school. Furthermore, in order to move into Confirmation II, students must observe the following:

  • Good attendance at all classes (especially our “Chosen” Nights)
  • Attend a retreat that satisfies the Confirmation I Retreat requirement (Fearless, Catholic Youth Conference)


Confirmation II

The student must have completed all requirements from their previous year, and be registered and attending the High School program at this parish. In order to be Confirmed students must observe the following:

  • Confirmation II students are required to attend class every Sunday night, which includes our 12 “Chosen” Confirmation Sessions.
  • Submit your Sacrament Enrollment Sheet along with a copy of your Baptismal Certificate
  • Choose a Saint name and complete a Saint Report by December 7
  • Attend the Confirmation II Retreat (or approved makeup retreat)
  • Complete and turn in your Saint Report
  • Complete 30 hours of service and submit the service hour sheet with your hours
  • Complete an exit interview with a Catechist or volunteer

Parish Service Hours

Service as a dimension for Confirmation preparation should demonstrate the close relationship between faith and actions. Service should be an intentional part of Christian formation from the time of one’s Baptism until one’s death. Service hours must be filled out on the appropriate sheet, and all service hours outside of parish projects should be approved before completion to receive credit. A student can begin earning their service hours once they have enrolled in the high school program as a freshman. All service hours need to be recorded and turned in to youth ministry office.

Saint Report

One of the components for Confirmation regards the students choosing a Saint name. Students will choose a Saint that inspires them, and challenges them to live a better life. Once a name has been chosen, the student should type a half page paper (single space, size 12 font) on who their saint is, why they chose them, and how they can model their life after that Saint.

Confirmation Sponsor

Sponsors represent in a personal way the witness and support of the parish community. Sponsors should be mature persons of faith who have been Confirmed and are in good standing with the Church. It is recommended that the sponsor be chosen by the candidate early in the preparation process, so they may have more time to walk with them during this journey. While parents may make suggestions as to who may be a good sponsor for the youth, the student is ultimately the one responsible for selecting the person who will walk with them during the Confirmation preparation process. Note: a parent cannot be the sponsor for their child, but can serve as a proxy in the event their actual sponsor cannot attend Confirmation. Sponsors will receive a guide that will better equip them to walk with the Confirmation student during this preparation process.